Frozen Drone, Dedicated to Drones of all types and sizes

Frozen Drone — Dedicated to Drones of all types and sizes

Drones are here and they’re working their ways into all of our lives. Now drones are used for delivery, photography, as a general hobby, and one of the newer things, racing.

Here’s a video of how HD cameras plugged into headsets and mounted on drones has created sometime akin to cruising around in a speeder bike from Star Wars:


Want to join in?

Owning a drone for any number of reasons is much easier than you may suspect. Like with computers, there are different drones for different uses. Also like computers, drones had be had cheaply buying second hand, or refurbished. Click here to have a look.
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There will be new sections coming soon for each of your drone interests. Save this page and be prepared to come back. Each day the news is updated and there will be in depth articles on getting into the hobby, what kind of drone you’ll need for your particular interest, how to go about buying your drone or parts to build one and the relative costs depending on the type of drone.

Planned sections include:

  • Introduction to the basics of drones — *in-progress* to give those who want to know about the world of drones a good starting spot. Even for seasoned vets, this may be a good refresher.
  • Cheap, fun pre-built drones — stores all around the world are selling drones. What once was a hobby specific item has now become much more commonplace. Let’s delve into affordable, pre-built drone options.
  • Photography and video — One wonderful leap in drone technology is the dazzling aray of videos and photos which can be produced. Drones can get places normal humans can’t. They can make movie type videos that only big budget Hollywood studios could create. Drones have been used in old abandon buildings, up mountain and steam, and off of boats at sea.
  • Racing — A new sport has emerged from the drone, racing! It’s a fun fast action ride, often using VR technology and akin to the speederbike chase in Star Wars, Return of the Jedi.
  • Other uses for drones — A look at cool, interesting and terrible applications of the drone.
  • Building your own drones — Take the next step designing your own custom built drones. This will be normal in the future, so jump in!
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